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Modern Children’s Book: Picture Books, Themes, Series, And Adventures

The overview by Valentyna Vzdulska who is an editor, reviewer, and children’s book writer provides information on current trends in Ukrainian literature for children and young adults.

Learn more about prominent Ukrainian children’s books illustrators, timely topics, and some of the unique plots. Books by the young generation of Ukrainian authors help to promote diversity, acceptance, global thinking, and ecological thinking. That’s why they can be interesting for readers in different countries and definitely deserve attention.

List of references:

  • Svitlana Baluch, Birds’ Lullaby
  • Mariana Prokhasko, The Curly-Haired
  • Nataliya Kashchak, Wolf Outside the Window
  • Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv, Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper
  • Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv, I See That
  • Interesting Ukraine series
  • Oksana Bula, Tukoni series
  • Letters on the War
  • Halyna Tkachuk, My Silent Book
  • Tania Stus, My Granny
  • Katia Mikhalitsyna, Tomo and His Whale
  • She Did It
  • She Did It Too
  • Oksana Lushchevska, Skeleton with No Closet
  • Natalia Shcherba, Timewizards
  • Natalia Shcherba, Moonastras
  • Volodymyr Arenev, Cinnabar`s Season
  • Sasha Kaminska, Don’t Tell Anyone