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Vikhola is a Ukrainian publishing house founded in 2020, specializing in adult literature. Unlike many Ukrainian publishers, who translate books from different languages, we focus on texts by Ukrainian authors on topics ranging from psychology, business and lifestyle to popular science. Without confining ourselves to a single topic, we strive to publish high-quality books that would be of interest to everyone.

  • Our books are straightforward and smart.
  • Our goal is to explain the world in accessible terms.
  • Our authors communicate and explain all the fields that intrigue but slightly intimidate you, including, although not limited to marketing, history, psychology, and business.

What do we value in our books?

Inspiration. We believe that books should inspire rather than provide a step-by-step manual. They motivate us to take up new hobbies, understand ourselves better, change and evolve.
Accessibility. Our books offer clear and accessible explanations in simple words of the topics that may be hard or boring to tackle otherwise.

Variety. We work for the people who have an interest in everything: marathoning documentaries on design today, they gulp down sci-fi novels about space exploration tomorrow. We don’t need an explanation for the words “I want to know it all,” because that’s how we ourselves feel.

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