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Figuratively speaking, "Kalamar" is the venerable grandfather of the ordinary ballpoint pen, and the great-grandfather of the computer keyboard. During the Cossack era, the kalamar was an inkwell with “ears” that clerks had tied to their belts—truly a sign of progressive times back then. Today, the modern day Kalamar is still progressive and is an appropriate name for our publishing house that is governed with our own unique views on books and the publishing world. At the beginning of our activity we started in April 2014 we were targeting different niches and as result published "The history of the Bible old and new testaments", "Russia’s Hybrid Aggression: Lessons for the World" and books for kids. At the moment we mostly focusing on books for children covering themes which are on high priority of modern kids' parents: developing of emotional intellect of kids, developing their social adaptation, teaching healthy behavior from birth.

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